Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday - Again with the Ruffles

With official oufit documentation, I'm becoming keenly aware of my serial fashion habits, most notably ruffles (or gathering, pin-tucking or any other feminine detail). Apparently ruffles (et all) are my Achilles heel.

See for yourself:

Again with the Ruffles

- Putty-colored linen jacket with ruffled placket (see, I told you), gathered sleeves, waist tie and ruffled hem
- Joe's jeans (ladies, these are GOLD!)

- White tee

- Turquoise and sterling silver vintage pendant from my mom

- Silver pearl studs

- Brown suede knot-front wedges
Oh, and this (remember how it's raining?):
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Harley said...

Becky = one hot Diva mama