Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday: more argyle

I own only two argyle sweaters (and a vest -- A vest? Yes, a vest.) and yet you've seen both, which leads us to the happy conclusion that I'm a cutting edge fashionista and, concurrently, a WILD and CRAZY GAL! Whew -- all of these conclusions and it's only Monday morning.

Additionally, this little exercise in narcissism, ahem, "outfit documentation" is not turning out exactly as planned. The goal was to wear a greater percentage and variety of the garments fighting for space in my closet. But now I want to torch the closet, pass go, collect $200 (or $2 million) and start over.

While I wallow in "woe is me," check out today's prepster:

More Argyle

- Navy, heather gray and orange cashmere argyle cardigan with tie belt
- white cami
- camel asymmetric skirt with raw hem
- fierce knee-high leather boots
- brushed gold hoops
- bright purplish-pink nails (lately my nail polish resembles paint colors from "Pimp My Ride")
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1 comment:

Andrea said...

Looks awesome! How do you get such great pictures of yourself (like the top one...or your red lipstick one, or the earing one)? Love your style.