Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mini Misadventure/Secret weapon RED LIPS

By now you know I ride the metro and I promise -- everything I've ever told you is 100 percent true (believe, me, I can't make this stuff up).

During today's commute I was abiding the unspoken rule of standing to the right on the escalator when a man passed me on the left and said,
"I have to tell you - you look gorgeous this morning. And I'm serious." Then, unlike last time, he continued on his merry way.

With a who? me? embarrassed/flattered/awkward smile on my face, I exited the station.

Three steps later, I kid you NOT, another (albeit homeless) man walked by and said, "Good morning, how are you?" I replied, "Good, thanks." He continued, "You look really great today."

And then Brad Pitt walked by...

Okay, that part was a lie. (Don't I wish, though?!)

There can be only one explanation for this showering of flattery -- RED LIPS, people. That's right. Today I'm sporting RED lipstick.

See for yourself:

- Red (really red) lipstick
- Mustard yellow portrait collar Jackie O sweater
- White cotton cami
- Black knee-length polished cotton shorts
- Black patent leather peep-toe wedges with ankle strap
- Over-sized pearl studs
What have we learned?
- Red lips are the key to free compliments
- Compliments from strangers may be strangely glorious -- pass it on!
- When blogging about compliments, always illustrate your point with a searing diva photo

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Rachel said...

Wow You do look HOT! Super HOT! I am going to have to buy some red lipstick, however I tend to look like a clown while you look fergie-glamorous!
And are you laying on your office floor? It's a good thing you have your own office. :)

shaniqua said...

woah. cant blame the guys for trying

Andrea said...

You do look gorgeous with red lips and your amazing (always amazing) outfit!!! I wish I had your skin tone, hair, and amazing eyes so I could pull it off too. I would have felt like a queen if two strangers had told me I looked beautiful!