Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I.O.U.s - Dress Edition, vol. 1

More than a month after the launch of this wacky fashionlog, I'm still posting daily (work week) outfits. Most mornings I have a stern conversation with myself that goes something like this:

Me: "Ooo...I really want to wear that sweater."
"Nope, sorry. You already blogged about that one. Pick something else."
Me: "But it's so cute."
"Hello?! How embarrassing to post yourself wearing the same outfit
"This is so unfair. I have nothing to wear."

"I know, but this was your idea in the first place."

Me: "I'm so dumb. I'll never have another original thought."
I pick something else, which is good and bad -- on the one hand I'm composing my outfits with more imagination and thought, but I hate to see Myself win every time.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I promised a picture of my new Christmas skirt. If I had to choose a favorite category of my closet, it would definitely be my dresses (/skirts). I really have cute dresses. In fact, I'd be happy wearing nothing but dresses. (And jeans. I can't live without jeans. Maybe even dresses and jeans together - gasp).

Without further exposition, I present,

Dress Edition, vol. 1

The Christmas Skirt/Sweater combo
- Blush pink wool sweater with raw edges, bow detail and pearl and sparkly buttons (you already saw it here)

- Black lace and embroidered skirt with blush under layer and tulle hem

- Black enclosed fishnets

- Black patent leather Mary Janes with open toe and kitten heel

- Pearl stud earrings

Electric Blue Silk Dress

- Vibrant cerulean blue silk cap-sleeve
dress (with pockets!)
- Black diamond-patterned tights
- Black patent leather wedges
- Cerulean blue drop earrings

Black Leafy Flocked Dress
- Black silk and velvet slouchy kimono dress with wide velvet waistband and hem, all-over raised velvet leaf print and tie back.
- Black enclosed fishnets
- Black patent leather wedges

- Circle pendant with smoky leaf-patterned crystals
- Black faceted earrings

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Rachel said...

Woman you have more clothes than anyone I know, I mean you have so many complete ensembles. Seriously. I have nothing here.
You look great-

Andrea said...

I love love love those dresses. That first skirt is SO CUTE! And you looked amazing in the black dress on Sunday.