Thursday, March 06, 2008

Becky's Picks: bacon x pork x bacon = awesome

Ever since I saw these gems at Not Martha, bacon-y thoughts have been swirling around my head, but I kept them secret because I felt dirty and didn't want anyone to find out.

Now I'm announcing my bacon obsessing and I don't care who knows!

Hey World! I LOVE BACON.

And I'm planning to embrace my bacon love.

First I'll make several hundred of these.

Then I'll throw one of these.

Then I'll experiment with these.

Then curl up with my remote and giggle about this.

And because I'm feeling adventurous (er, suicidal?), I'll whip up a batch of these.

My rating for embracing bacon love: 5/5 stars

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Oreste said...

Ciao Becky, tutto bello. Un bacio da Roma. Ciao

shaniqua said...

a few things.
1. wow.
2. unfortunately i just saw that you invited me to your office extravaganza. DANG IT!
3. that last link...about made me lose my dinner.

Andrea said...

Oh gosh, I love bacon too. But ewww...bacon burgers?! Did you know that you have me and Dan completely hooked to that bacon and avocado salad that you made??