Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Favorites: Forever Young

We are expert entertainers. Seriously. This is not brag-speak, simply a matter of fact. When it comes to partying WE ARE AMAZING.

Except with timing the food to be ready when the guests arrive. Have we ever done that right?

Nor are we experts with pyrotechnics. But they would really add some sparkle. (Officially added to the to-do list).

And in reality, only one Wickstrom usually does the dressing up.


Okay, besides the aforementioned “details,” we rock at parties. Especially because our idea of entertainment usually (um, always?) looks something like this:

Incorporating Guitar Hero into every party is my favorite! Right, Kels and Dave?
P.S. We love visitors at Hotel Wickstrom. Come soon, come often and bring more housewarming gifts like Kelsey and Dave did!

P.P.S. We LOVE Kelsey and Dave. What fun house guests! Wanna be our new roommates?

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Andrea said...

You guys seriously rock out. I love your expression in those pics!

Jessica F. said...

How can I make a reservation????

Kelsey and Dave said...

We would LOVE to be roommates! or maybe shipmates on a cruise...