Monday, January 05, 2009

Holidays 2008 (aka How Becky fell in love all over again)

Law school is a huge jerk during the Christmas season. Not only does she thwart any romantic holiday celebrating plans, she assails hot husband with stress, sleepless nights and FINALS!

In spite of her jerkiness, law school did NOT succeed in ruining our holidays. We had a cozy Christmas Eve celebration for two, a quick visit to Connecticut to see family and a rockin' New Year's Eve with our BFFs.

Take that, law school!

(As for Becky's love affair, she spent the holidays at the movies -- (nearly) ten times and still banana sandwich crazy about a certain someone...)

I hope you were as lucky in love this holiday season!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, Wickstrom Christmas 2008, in photos.

Red Christmas shoes (because I'm that festive!)
Christmas dinner, for two

Christmas kissing (a perk of Christmas Eve sans family)

Christmas raspberry turnovers (before)
Christmas raspberry turnovers (after)Self-wrapped Christmas presents (+ Christmas leopard hoodie -- WILDLY festive!)
Christmas surprises from husband of the century (details coming soon...)
Christmas reading (A Gentleman Gets Dressed Up)
Christmas with mom
Christmas sibs -- aww!
Christmas with Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Joe (studying family genealogy)Christmas cookies with BACON from a rockstar sister-in-law (inspired by these)
(Belated) Christmas present opening with BFFs
Cute Christmas pjs
The perfect Christmas present for a much-deserving friend

New Year's was spent eating, board gaming, shopping, golfing, laughing, fondue-ing, napping, movie watching and enjoying company of BFFs! We even pulled an all-nighter (don't ask how we felt the next day. We're totally not getting old...)

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Holly said...


Holly said...

Definitely a great new years! Now, I am going to go take a nap!!

Jessica F. said...

What a great Christmas break. Did you happen to see our movie another time...I did!!!!!
Can we get together soon??? I am having withdrawals!!!

Holly said...

i was just showing trevan his picture and he wanted to see chris and becky. so i showed him the one of chris and his mom, and trevan goes, "oh, i didn't know chris had a mom." :)