Thursday, January 08, 2009

Misadventures on the Metro

chapter 41
On any given day, my inbox is teeming with five types of e-mail:

1. Bacon-ish messages from friends who appreciate (and fuel) my obsession

2. Tidbits about a certain movie (which, at time of publication, I've seen NINE TIMES in the theatre)

3. Shopping notifications – spam to some, gold to me – from every store on the planet

4. Letters from my mom

5. Items of business pertaining to the metro
Obviously my daily reads are enthralling.

I get most excited about the bacon bits (he he), but also the metro-related messages. I love a good metro-related e-mail. Nothing says "FUN!" like a metro-related item.

(How many more times will I say metro-related? One: metro-related. No, wait. Metro-related).

A while ago, my friend sent me the above picture (the first-ever photo to appear in "Misadventures on the Metro"), with the admonition:

"They have loops. Lame. Now blog about it. Blog for those of us without a voice. Now go. Fly. Fly like the wind."
How can I resist such a challenge? How?!

For the love of those without a voice, I accept the call and will now discuss the loops on the metro, which – sorry, friend – are an answer to my prayers. I truly prayed them into fruition.

Why was I praying for loops on the metro and not to win the lottery? Because I’m logical, people. I’m also short. And I’ve been forced to hold an overhead pole on the metro one too many times.
These lovely loops save me from stretching four extra inches, which used to set my arm afire with exertion. The loops are also fun, swinging me to and fro, causing a more motion-y ride.

Tonight I will say a prayer of gratitude for my lovely metro loops.

And – wait for it – metro-related messages.

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Chris said...

You have finally given me a reason to ride the Metro again. Loops! Awesome.

Mom said...

Hi honey, I loved your blog this a.m. Can't wait to come for a visit next week, but I don't look forward to the metro rides with loops or tourists coming to see Mr. Obama become Mr. President. Hmmmmmm. Love, Mom

Holly said...

you know what? my brain is still foggy from the delish fondue too. can i just tell you how hard it is for me not to make some right now!!! practicing self control!!! so painful!! not even kidding, john and i used to have it all the time, which explains the extra poundage. :)

aniC said...

there are loops on the metros now!??! well, now all of the fare hikes make sense...they were saving up for loops! totally worth it.

Jessica F. said...


Holly said...

i totally just realized that when you move you are going to have to change the title of these posts. here are some ideas...

tales from the trax
treasures from the trax
trax testimonials? (a stretch i know)
trax talk
my treks on the trax

why am i using an x is it just tracks? obviously been out of that state a while.

Harley King said...

Why are there loops on the metro? Because hey, would you rather grab onto someone's hot, sweaty pole, or a nice, cushioned leather loop?

Mmmmmm, leather. Kind of like, mmmmmmm, bacon.

Ashlee said...

That picture makes me want Purell my hands. :)

Kelsey and Dave said...

Have you seen Twilight 9 or 10 times? Please clarify! (Either way, I think you qualify as the number 1 fan)