Friday, January 30, 2009

Talk me down from the ledge!

I need your advice, oh wise ones. It's important -- it involves fashion.

Remember my last dilemma? Thanks to you (wait, did I actually follow your advice?), I bought the purple one (it was a sale on top of the sale -- woo hoo!), regretted it, tried to exchange it for red (which would have cost more), kept purple, wore it once, waited, sulked, continued to think about the red, waited, finally saw the red version on sale and made the grand exchange. Now it hangs gloriously in my hall closet.

I'm yet again torn about a jacket:
The pros:

- it's SOOOO me!
- Anthropologie (need we say more?)
- jackets are universally flattering outfit-completers
- Goes with a million outfits -- cute dresses (already have), jeans (have), colorful flats (have), tees...
- I've been so good about not shopping -- this was my first trip to temptation in OH SO long!
- I need a post-January pick-me-up
The cons:
- It's not on sale
- It's from Anthropologie
- Does not comply with aforementioned shopping diet
- Not a "need"
- Mr. Wickstrom is not on "Team Buy It!"
Lay it on me: what should I do?
(Keep in mind -- the pros seem to outweigh the cons, at least numerically)

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becky said...

Looking at this from a subjective point of view, I would advise myself not to buy it.

No, wait -- buy it!

No, don't.

But it's so cute!

But don't.

Really, don't?

Holly said...

hmmm... really really cute. i love it... chris can be worn down to get on team buy it... you know my theory, when in doubt do without, but i also end up not getting to buy what i want when i wait and go back to get it. okay, so if you have been good on your shopping diet, then i think it is okay. you're allowed to have a cheat day on a diet, right?? i ate a cookie today...

Rachel said...

What would Dave Ramsey say? But what does Dave Ramsey know about fashion? How does it compete with what you are saving for? Don't you already have some adorable jackets?
Well this is coming from a girl that doesn't look nearly as good as you do, and who finally bought a new coat this year after wearing the same one for years! (oh the shame)
Follow your heart...if Chris will let you. You need to compete with that mistress law school!! SHE'S expensive!

becky said...

Oh girls, you are too right.

(Should I admit that I talked Mr. Wickstrom into a new Valentine's Day dress? And this after we already bought a joint Valentine's Day fondue pot? Thanks, Holly, for the inspiration).

But on the other hand, a girl can never have enough flowered spring jackets, right?

Rachel said...

I once had a cute, flowered, spring jacket. Loved it. Darling. But, after not too long, I found it less darling and more "busy" and gave it to D.I.

Also--your fondue pot is new for VALENTINE'S DAY?!? Girl, I do not need to borrow it before Valentine's Day even happens!

Jessica F. said...

Would Edward like it??? I mean Chris, wait...I am no help!

I am sure it is adorable and we do have a least three more coat months ahead of us!

heidi said...

i hate to be the downer. but i say no. i must be drunk. or crazy.(i haven't had refined sugar in 29 days.) i truly believe that this item will go on sale sooner than you think.
ps-i moonlight as a prophetess, in case you were wondering.
pps-i sort of hate myself now.

oh amanda said...

Anthropologie. You might have to take out a loan, huh? I'd say...maybe we could split it and it could spent half the week in my closet and half the week in yours?

jen said...

Wait for it to go on sale. Stores are just bringing out the spring line, so everything is pretty and new and reminds us that it will soon be warm enough for flirty dresses and sandals...but just make it until March. It will be on sale by then, and even if it isn't, i think the husband will be won over for your willpower in waiting!

mom said...

Hi. I'm thinking you can hold off on this jacket. Be strong. Save your money!!! I love you, but you did just get a new sweatshirt you had to have! Sorry honey, I vote with Chris. Love, Mom

Cleat, Ida and Nelana said...

decisions, decisions . . . I say you pass on the jacket and put your money towards a plane ticket to FLORIDA! Then you can have all the flowers and sunny beach you want - oh and stay up to the wee hours of the morning laughing with me!

Kelsey and Dave said...

you are always so supportive of my shopping dilemmas, so i feel kind of bad being non-supportive of yours, but I would say wait. This is DEFINITELY the season for sales, and I'm sure this will go on sale considering it's already February. Just hold out one more month and it's yours!

Yanni said...

I want it too! Tell chris to buy it for v-day. problem solved!

becky said...

GIRLS! I resisted.

Yes, it's true.

Thanks for your sage advice! :)