Monday, April 06, 2009

Changing my tune

I'm not super high-maintenance. (Unless you consider the need for copious pairs of shoes to be high-maintenance. I consider it EQUAL TO BREATHING AIR).

But after my company-sponsored trip to Las Vegas last month and another flight to Utah this weekend, I'm thinking of becoming high-maintenance.

Because high-maintenance people know how to travel. They stay at the poshest hotels, and order ice cream from room service. They wear designer dresses and Louboutins ON THE PLANE. The words "spa," "facial "and "massage" frequently pepper their travel vernacular. And, most importantly, THEY FLY FIRST CLASS.

Last week I got bumped from my crummy connecting flight and upgraded to a direct flight in First Class. It reminded me that flying can make you feel like more than just a vienna sausage stuffed in a stinky metal can. And four hours in the sky is way more comfortable in those roomy, reclining First Class seats.

But the food was GROSS. My eggplant pasta was a sad lump of gluey penne with hunks of eggplant and congeled mystery cheese. I was forced to eat only the chocolate cake (sorry, diet).

Also, the stewardess was snooty. Is a diet coke really that outlandish of a request? Sorry to offend!

And I felt a tad out of place amidst the sea of stuffy business suits (I was wearing my L.A.M.B. leopard-print hoodie and red patent leather flats, thankyouverymuch!).


I guess I'm not cut out for the high-maintenance lifestyle (nor is my wallet). But don't think I won't accept more company-sponsored glimpses into the life of the fabulous. You bet your ripest banana I will!

What company-sponsored perk are you dying to try?

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Rachel said...

No one deserves to fly first class more than you do! The perk I want...well I heard that Google gives their employees that have just had a baby $500 or something for takeout food. That's what I want...every month, even though Noah is almost 9 months old.
How was your trip? Sorry the weather wasn't better for you, it's beautiful here today!!

jen said...

right now I'm just hoping to get company-sponsored health benefits. :) the other one I'd love - working from home whenever I want. sigh...