Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Chris,

This blog post is to inform you that I now have four boyfriends. You already know this, but I think committing it to writing makes things a bit more official.

Clearly I'm still in love with Rob (and by Rob, I mean Rob. Not just Edward). I spent a small (um, medium) fortune staring at his hotness on the big screen. And I dedicated an entire party to him. And I own a full-sized cardboard cutout in his likeness. Oh, and I made you watch all of those YouTube interviews and laugh with me at his uncanny wit. Isn't Rob the best?!

You know how I feel about Jon Hamm. He is absolutely delicious on Mad Men. (I think my next boyfriend will be the entire cast of Mad Men and the set designers and the costume people and the hair and makeup crew, but four is enough for now).

Jon Hamm is way more than just a sexy 1960s ad exec, though. He is hilarious on 30 Rock and remember when he did the
"Jon Hamm's John Ham" SNL skit? I'm still laughing about that one. Oh Jon!

I actually hung out with two of my four boyfriends last night (sorry you couldn't be there). Up to that point, I was just in like with these two -- strong like -- but now, it's LOVE. Therefore they have BOTH been added to my boyfriend list.

Behold, Brett and Jermaine (aka Flight of the Conchords aka FOTC):
Don't you love their robot costumes? They performed a stirring rendition of this tune for their opening number. Be still my heart!

They are just as funny and amazing in person as they are on T.V. (even more so). Jermaine melted my heart with his charming wit and audience shushing (sorry, Rachel -- he's MINE). Because of him, I had a goofy smile smeared across my face for the entire two hours of the show (I've got sore cheeks, but it's a small price to pay for love).
And Brett with his unkempt hair -- absolutely amazing. He has mad guitar skills and can beat box. (You know how I love a man who can drop a fat beat). And he sung the girlfriend chorus on this song, which happens to be one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITES!
They also serenaded me with this song and this one and this one and this one and this one. And so so many more. Chris, it was a pivotal point in our relationship (me and the Conchords, I mean). We bonded. We're serious now.

Even though I have a lot of famous boyfriends, you're still the one who wipes away my tears of stress, joy, laughter, rage and the inexplicable ones during that time of the month. I like wearing your pajama pants the best. And giving you Eskimo kisses and butterfly kisses and, well, all kinds of kisses. You're so much more to me than just a boyfriend -- you're my hot husband (check my phone -- that's where your number is listed).


FOTC at DAR Constitution Hall pics via.

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Chris said...

You just need 3 more, and you'll have one for every day of the week. I knew there was something you were hiding from me . . .

becky said...

You think I was hiding them???? Hmmmmmm. I guess you really are tuning out everything I say.

Holly said...


jen said...

I definitely agree with you on #2-4! Delicious. And I'm jealous you got to see FOTC live. I would be swooning the entire concert.

Rachel said...

We are so fighting! JEMAINE IS MINE!

Andrea Marie Photography said...

You have such great taste in men. ;) I forgot to send you your party pics but I am so on that tomorrow!

Ming said...

I share your crushes! Well, I must admit I don't share your FOTC one, but that's only because I haven't seen them. The second season of Mad Men should be coming out soon...can't wait! Oh, Don Draper you filthy little man...you get me every time.

Jessica F. said...

You are too freaking funny! I love you!!!

Ashley McNair said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Brett & Jemaine in person--too fun! And, "Sorry I smell like frosting, I just love to bake."

Kara said...

Please tell me you guys didn't sit that close...I would die of jealousy. That looks like an amazing good time. Did they sing "Jenny"?