Monday, April 13, 2009

You know you've got one!

I've been intermittently laughing/crying all morning. Why? Because of this site. And the fact that my own personal photos would be right at home next to Amanda (why oh why did I perm?!?) and Jilian (remember the lasers?).

P.S. Jens' shorts are making me blush!

Discovered via Natalie.
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Alex M. said...

Ewww....those Jens are a little disturbing..hehe. Talk about hair gone wrong..what a funny blog...yours and the one you linked!

Holly said...

i came across this blog before and was stuck on it for quite a while! too funny!!!! i probably have a ton of pictures i could add to that blog!!

Andrea Marie Photography said...

HAHAHAH!!!! Hilarious!!!

Cardon & Whitney said...

Ha this is too funny. Too bad Cardon gets mad at me because I have his "sexy picture" on our blog.