Monday, April 20, 2009

From a pro's point of view: Twilight Premier revisited

Remember my teensy Twilight Premier Party last month (also known as the epic I LOVE ROB celebration)? One of my gorgeously talented friends snapped a few shots of the party and made it look EXTREMELY CHIC AND FANCY!

Andrea is an incredible photographer! In addition to capturing the awesomeness of this fiesta, she previously worked her magic on my 2008 Office Premier Party and even the lowly Wickstroms (no simple task). Call Andrea so she can bring out your inner fabulous! You won't be disappointed! Blog stalk her here!
Party details here.

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Gel said...

Those are great pictures! Andrea does such a good job. I wish I was there so she could take Jackson's pictures!! another fabulous party by you!!

Veeda said...

yum. the blood orange soda is a nice touch!