Friday, June 19, 2009

Okay, so I tried...

I had FANTASTIC intentions to be a super blogger this week.


- I still live in a sea of boxes and am still reeling from the move.
- The kitchen has yet to be unpacked (aka cereal for every meal).
- I'm not sleeping (which may be related to the fact that I re-addicted myself to Felicity. All four seasons on DVD = HEAVEN!)

- I'm working my buns off. The new job is intense, but AWESOME!
Next week I'll be a super blogger. And I'll wrap up American Idol. And I'll tell you about the move. And I'll read your blogs. And we can be friends again.


In case you're wondering, this is the new office. Awesome, yes?

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Alex M. said...

It's cool office building! So...bought anything from anthropologie yet? I bet you have haha!
--Alex ♥

Holly said...

that's okay. we can still be friends. but i need your posts to help me get my becky fix for the day. :)

aniC said...

awesome, no. because there are utah liscense plates in the picture.

Rachel said...

I forgot to tell you...just down the street from your office (opposite direction of Gateway) is this consignment shop we stopped by and it was amazing! You should check it out to both buy/sell. xoxoxox

Holly said...

love the outfit today. love the shirt! and your hair does look really good. :)

Andrea Marie Photography said...

Awesome office and I miss you!!!