Thursday, July 16, 2009

And the winner of the 2nd Annual Big Birthday Giveaway is...

aka the classy lady celebrating every happy minute of her life! (But let's be honest -- if we all had a baby that cute, we couldn't help but smile either!) I can't wait to send you my happy package, gorgeous girl!

Stay tuned for the big reveal! For last year's goods, click here.

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DC Diva said...

Wait a second!! Jessica gets a trip to England AND she wins your b-day contest? No fair!

J/K congrats Jessica. ;)

Alex M. said...

Awww...too bad! Congratulations to the winner but I'll try again next year! :)!

Kara said...

Yay for Jessica, shucks for me.

Maybe inside the gift bag will be a sleeping bag for her "camping" trip to England.

I'm glad you had a fabulous birthday Becky!!!

Jessica F. said...

Are you kidding me? Is this a joke? I never win anything! YIPEE!!!

I will be in Utah next weekend for a few days and then the second week of August. Can we PLEASE meet up???

DC Diva said...

You MUST blog about the What Not to Wear Ambush.