Monday, July 13, 2009

A birthday to look UP!

I was in desperate need of a pick-me-up and without even asking, that's exactly what I got for my birthday!

It's no secret that our recent move to Utah was a humongous challenge for both Wickstroms. Couple a birthday with this major life change (not to mention the Utah Bar study consuming Chris' life) and it's safe to say I was 100% NOT looking forward to celebrating.

But a week ago, we saw UP!, a sweet, creative, uplifting movie about embracing the joy of life's journey and not succumbing to sadness when you face trials. Both Chris and I were blown away.

Then I arrived at work on Wednesday to find: My mom told the florist I was "a very stylish dresser" and could she please use an "appropriate" vase:
All week the sweet smell of roses and lilies filled my office!

I was feeling happier already. In addition to awesome cards, thoughtful gifts and chocolate cake at work, I got an e-mail from my BFF at midnight on Friday.
(Isn't she gorgeous? You should read her blog. It's brilliant and pure happiness!)

She told me to visit the birthday blog she created for me last year (brilliant idea, right?) for a special surprise.

Holly invited some of the most important women in my life to shower me with love on the blog! This was one of the most thoughtful and NEEDED birthday gifts I've ever received. As I read their overly generous words, I was intermittently sobbing and laughing. These, the woman I most admire, were celebrating me! I felt amazing.

THEN (can you believe there's more?!), hot husband told me we had to be in Park City by 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. I had no idea what he had planned.

Bleary eyed, I woke up at 4:45 a.m. and Chris showed me this post (his first ever on Wickstrom Adventures -- hooray!).

We spent a beautiful (though sleepy) morning floating above the stunning Utah mountains. It was perfect!

Thanks everyone for such a wonderfully UPlifting birthday!
I love you!

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Rachel said...

Oh, SO fun! What a great birthday. Read Harry Potter next time you're home and Chris has to study, and your troubles will melt away. I love you!!!!!!!!

Holly said...

You deserve all the love! Holy cow, I would have peed my pants up in that balloon! Chris's surprises are so great!

Andrea Marie Photography said...

What a perfect birthday! That is amazing that Chris took you on a hot air balloon ride!!!!! What amazing memories!!!

Alex M. said...

Awesome movie, awesome new shoes!, and a HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE?! AWESOME! Hope your birthday was amazing, I did text you! Talk to you soon.

Harley King said...

An amazing birthday.

Holly said...

ooh, I like your new shoes too! and p.s. I'm pretty sure you shouldn't put any more enlarged pics. of me on your blog... :)

becky said...

LOL Holly! You're a nerd. Did you notice how my eyes are NEARLY SWOLLEN SHUT in these pictures? Um, they are. So no complaining about me trying to post at least one beautiful picture.

P.S. Got the shoes at TJ Maxx. Why can't you live here so we could go together?!?! It's just not fair.

Holly said...

lol! I didn't want to say anything about the bleary eyed-ness... I know!!! I need a good TJ Maxx shopping trip with you!!

DC Diva said...

It's only up from here Becky Diva.

I love you.

(MAJOR props Chris!)

Kelsey said...

Do you have access to Holly's b-day blog still? I posted a comment called, "Pathetically late for your 28"