Monday, July 10, 2006

Bright Spot

Sunbeams, sunbeams, sunbeams...

Sunbeam: [hickup-ing] "I'm sick, I think I'm broken."
Teacher A: "You're sick?"
Sunbeam: [wrinkled face] "I think my daddy broke me." [another hickup]
Teacher A: "Do you want to sit on my lap?"
"Yeah." [five minutes later - hickups subsided, spirits visually lifted] "I'm better. I'm not broken anymore. I'm not broken anymore."
Another Sunbeam who is unusually smart for his mere four years on this earth was counting with me in Spanish. We reached cuarenta y ocho (48) and he stopped, shouting, "Sister Becky, that's you plus you," (indicating that 48 is my age plus my age). How does he know this stuff? He also taught me that a score equals 50. Maybe they should reconsider who should be teaching this class!

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