Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mr. Wickstrom, you're on THIN ice (P.S. Happy Halloween!)

I can't lie. I LOVE LOVE LOVE throwing Halloween parties. What other time of year can you celebrate the gross, creepy, black and slightly morbid with such wild abandon?

But this year, Senor Wickstrom vetoed my annual Halloween party. And since he's nearly a legit lawyer (one year and counting), he made
a solid case:

a. "We just threw an Office party - remember?"
b. "Becky, you are unable to not go all out. You just can't do these things on a small scale."
c. "The semester is winding down and I'm busy with work and school. I know you'll end up roping me in to something 'small' which will translate to three weeks of hard labor."
d. "After the last party, I washed dishes for two whole days."
I'm seriously considering law school. My natural persuasive abilities were sufficient in the past, but now? I need bigger guns.

As you can imagine, the prospect of a Wickstrom party-less Halloween left me understandably depressed. I convinced myself this year would be a drag. And guess what? I was RIGHT! (At least about the drag part.)

Interestingly enough, it was the drag that lifted my spirits:

An annual Halloween tradition in D.C.'s Dupont Circle neighborhood, I celebrated All Hallows Eve at the 2007 High Heels Race with my friend Julia. Imagine the scene: drag queens (professional and amateur) parading down the street in insanely detailed costuming and sky high heels, then running (literally RUNNING) a three-block race in their heels.

My camera died after one picture, so I whipped out my handy dandy camera phone. One of my favorite drag divas was this fairy godmother, who sprinkled fairy dust on the crowd.

Julia and I were amazed by many things about this fellow: the wig (!), the SEQUINS (love!) and most importantly, the 6-inch heels. How could he even walk in those?

Here's a better picture, borrowed from here. Marilyn Monroe, JFK and Jackie O were divine.

I'm totally inspired to dream up a fabulous, glittery, sequin-adorned costume for next Halloween. And Chris, consider yourself warned -- not only are we throwing a Halloween party next year, it will likely coincide with the 2008 High Heels race. Capish?!

Oh and would you mind doing dishes?

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