Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Holy smokes—it’s AUGUST 1st!

Forgive me if I wax sentimental, but I honestly can’t believe it’s been almost an entire year. I started this blog shortly after we moved to D.C. last August and here we are again, pretty much full circle.

Sidenote: Before I begin, let me just say that it's HOTTTTT right now! Read this! Oh, and below is the e-alert message I received today from Metro:

"(ID 30082) Disruption at All Stations towards All Stations. (Expect crowded conditions and delays due to extreme temperatures.)"

Back to the task at hand: in honor of August 1st, I present a fly-by recap of our year:
- 1 cross-country move to D.C., with a near-death experience and Becky’s first-ever visit to the city
- 1 hotel-style living arrangement (soon changing to a garden-style, parkside, two-bedroom apartment (watch your mail for a change of address card and BRING ON THE COMPANY!)
- 2 new D.C. jobs
- 10+ overnight stays at John and Holly’s complete with games, food and FUN!
- 2 trips to Connecticut via the Jersey Turnpike (although Chris has developed an alternate route to avoid the “Dirty Jers”)
- 1 visit from the Fowles family
- More than 500 Metro rides inspiring 15 delightful chapters of Misadventures on the Metro
- 2 trips to NYC, one for a wedding and one for WICKED!!!!!
- Countless outings to the mall(s)
- 3 visits to D.C. sites including a twilight monument tour, the Zoo and the Air and Space Museum (see, this is why we NEED company!)
- 1 killer Halloween party
- 2 callings teaching kids in church (complete with several accidents and quotable sayings)
- 1 awesome campout during which we could neither locate our tent nor or cooler
- 2 toe surgeries (and far too many trips to the podiatrist in timbuktu!)
- 1 rainstorm of Biblical proportions nearly necessitating use of an Ark (actually, that might have worked better than the Metro. Cue SNL Debbie Downer music. "Wah, Wah").
- 1 high school graduation and 2 trips by Becky to Colorado
- Numerous embarrassing blog posts/pictures of Chris for all the world to see
- 1 year of law school
- Lots of new friends
- A million blessings and memories
That’s all I can think of right now. Overall, we’ve had a super cool year living in this city grande (is it just me or does this sound very Christmas card-esque? I guess I made my workload for December a little bit lighter). We’re excited for more company, new adventures and even more zany experiences to add to our scrapbook!

Happy August to you and may all your wildest dreams come true (If you didn’t “get” the movie reference, drop everything and watch
Napoleon Dynamite. Now!)

**Note to self: Hallmark called, they want their cheesy, sappy card-writer back.

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